Extremely accurate, fast and highly reproducible creation of complex shapes by cutting materials using modern numerically controlled machines.

Machining of various surfaces and planes using a special milling cutter is a CNC milling service.
Its important property is the rotational movement of the tool, and at the same time setting the workpiece in a sliding motion. It is also possible to set the cutter in motion relative to the material.

We offer you a professional CNC turning service that allows you to process external and internal surfaces in the shape of a cylinder or cone. It is also possible to obtain non-rotational forms. We care about precision, accuracy and maintaining all quality standards when providing services.

We design and manufacture belt conveyors for transporting products. Both conveyors are made of structural steel as well as stainless steel.

We make various assembly stations for basing the workpiece during operations, e.g. welding, measurements, assembly.